San Juan Hotel Accommodations

No matter where you’re from or how many you are in your group, Puerto de San Juan Beach Resort Hotel has the right accommodation options for you! Relax in our fully furnished and spacious hotel rooms or even enjoy your very own cabin.

Did we say that we’re one of the largest beach resort hotels in San Juan La Union? We do have ample parking space, villas, cabins, water park, and plenty more for you to check out!

puerto de san juan, single bed room

Standard Room

Most popular accommodation type for solo backpackers as well as couples. The room has a comfortable queen-sized bed with its own shower & bath. Good for 2 persons.

puerto de san juan, double bed room

Double Bed Room

This is the most chosen room for leisure travelers. Ask for the sea side view, if available. Good for 2 persons.

puerto de san juan, family room

Family Room

Located in the main hotel building, this room is ideal for families. Every family room has its own living space with 2 rooms. Good for 4 persons.

puerto de san juan, cottage

PSJ Cottage

Cottages are located nearest to the swimming pools and the beach. It has its own living as well as dining space. Good for 4 persons.

puerto de san juan, villa

PSJ Villa

The only accommodation type in Puerto de San Juan with its own kitchen and cooking facilities. Our Villas truly allows you to experience ‘home away from home‘. Good for 4 persons.

puerto de san juan, cabin

PSJ Cabin

The ultimate accommodation option in Puerto de San Juan! Enjoy a larger space no other resort hotels can offer. This is the best choice for groups as each of our Cabins can accommodate up to 6 people.

Don’t forget to visit the Puerto de San Juan Bar & Bistro, your best choice for gastronomic experience and sheer enjoyment.