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Hurry! Book now! Surf Break Barkada offer is from October 27- October 31, 2017 only.


On April 16, 2017, Puerto de San Juan will be having a fun-filled Easter event at the PSJ Water Park.


games, easter egg hunt, san juan la union


This exciting event is called Easterrific Water Adventure. It is Easter egg hunting and water adventure rolled into one! There will be tons of surprises and photo booth to create great memories. All ticket holders will have snacks and drinks and a special loot bag for kiddie participants. Easterrific Water Adventure starts at 9:00 AM.


On the event, kids will be classified as Category A for children 4 to 8 years and Category B for children 9 to 12 years. Parents and guardians are also free to join in the fun.


This exciting events starts at 9:00 AM. Kindly arrive early to be able to make the most of the event. For more details and tickets, call or text (072) 682-8396 or (0923) 599-7767. Like and Follow our official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PuertoDeSanJuanLaUnion to get the latest updates.

People frequent La Union for its beaches. The beaches of Bauang, San Fernando, and San Juan are among the most favorite. Out of the three towns, San Juan seems to be the most favorite travel destination for surfing.

Going to San Juan, La Union is pretty easy as it is accessible if you’re coming from Manila, Baguio, or Ilocos. A number of bus trips bound for Northern Luzon pass through San Juan. Simply put, San Juan is emerging as the portal to nearby tourist attractions in La Union.

With that said, we listed these awesome things to do when visiting San Juan, La Union.


#1: Surfing at Point Break

San Juan is blessed with the waves that are suitable for surfing. It is dubbed as the Surfing Capital of Northern Luzon. Due to its popularity, San Juan holds annual Surfing Break where local and foreign tourists take part in this event.

surfing point break


Don’t be intimidated if you are a beginner wanting to learn how to surf. Several surfing instructors are friendly and willing to teach you if you rent a surf board with them. A lot of first-timers prefer San Juan because the waves rise steadily and it is easier to hop on the board.

surf lessons, san juan, la union


Be sure that you have at least basic swimming skills. Before you hit the waves, surf instructors will orient you on the sand.

san juan surfing lessons


With regular practice and the heart for surfing, you will achieve the expert level!

surfing in san juan la union


#2: Chill, Go on a Night Out

There are plenty of places for partygoers in San Juan. There are also places for those who just want to unwind and relax like Puerto de San Juan’s Bar & Grill Restaurant. Acoustic Nights are held on weekends and nothing could be better with chilled drinks and sharing it with friends.

puerto de san juan acoustic night


PSJ Bar & Grill Restaurant in San Juan, La Union also offers exquisite meals and snacks.

restaurant in san juan, la union

You may also request for an in-room massage. Isn’t it amazing?!


#3: Staycation

With a spacious room equipped with modern A/C unit, cable TV and hot & cold shower, who would dare go out under the burning heat?

hotel san juan, la union

PSJ has the most suitable accommodation in San Juan, La Union for you.

PSJ also has hi-speed internet in common areas. It can be very useful if you need to go online.


#4: Visit Bahay na Bato

bahay na bato, luna, la union

Bahay na Bato is an art enthusiast’s haven in Luna, La Union. It can be reached via tricycle ride from Balaoan, La Union.

Bahay na Bato is a resthouse owned by Dr. Edison and Dr. Purita Chan-Noble. A Korean stone sculptor, Bong Kim, decorated the interiors and the grounds. Several art pieces and antiques are displayed within the property. There is also a view deck that offers a beautiful view of the sea.

view deck bahay na bato


And this is the iconic gate door of Bahay na Bato.

gate art stone sculpture, bahay na bato


#5: Visit other Points of Interest around La Union

There are plenty of attractions in La Union to explore. Here’s some of those places included in our list:


Bonus: Sunset Viewing

Okay, because we love you, here’s a bonus. Puerto de San Juan offers a beautiful view of the West Philippine Sea. How about sunset viewing along the beach with your loved one? Romantic, isn’t it?

sunset viewing san juan, la union


Special thanks to VoltStock Images of Philippines Tourism Guide Online, www.PhilippinesToGO.com, for the images.

Thinking where to celebrate Valentines with your special someone? Come to Puerto de San Juan and make lasting memories.

Try our Special Valentines Dinner specials. Trust us, the experience is way better than the photos.


Valentines Dinner Puerto de San Juan


Baked Prawns

baked prawns

Overnight prawns confit in chorizo, topped with bechamel and penne pasta.


Baby Back Ribs

baby back ribs

Slow cooked ribs on homemade barbeque sauce, mashed sweet potato, and pickled vegetables.


Steamed Fish

steamed fish

Dory with etouffee sauce, garlic, and mashed potato.


Coq Au Vin

Stewed chicken in red wine jus, with bacon, blashed potato, and blanched carrots.

Our Valentines Dinner runs from February 11 to 18. Acoustic Nights will be held on February 11 and 18. Call us today at (072) 682-8396 for details and reservation.


It's all your choice if you want to make a splash on the beach or take a dip in the pool. Here in Puerto de San Juan, fun and activities are simply overflowing. Play beach volleyball during daytime and billiards in the evening. Enhance your skills through darts and board games. But most importantly, enjoy viewing the breathtaking sunset with family and friends.


Experience the laid back ambiance of Puerto de San Juan with fully-equipped rooms and relaxing massage in the comfort of your suite. Enjoy touring around the spacious grounds or visit the Chapel. Let our Bar & Grill Restaurant fill you up with satisfying meals and snacks. Chill out in our Spanish Tapas Bar every Fridays and Saturdays.

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