Puerto de San Juan
Beach Resort Hotel


Welcome to the ‘new’ Puerto de San Juan (La Union). Beach resorts are easy to find here in La Union but what makes us special is how everyone in our humble resort treat our guests. We take pride in all our friendly and courteous staff who are always available for you. Being an all-year round travel destination, our hotel accommodates solo travelers, families, and even large groups. There is always a perfect suite for you! We are not your ordinary leisure hotel and beach resort in San Juan, La Union.


It's all your choice if you want to make a splash on the beach or take a dip in the pool. Here in Puerto de San Juan, fun and activities are simply overflowing. Play beach volleyball during daytime and billiards in the evening. Enhance your skills through darts and board games. But most importantly, enjoy viewing the breathtaking sunset with family and friends.


Experience the laid back ambiance of Puerto de San Juan with fully-equipped rooms and relaxing massage in the comfort of your suite. Enjoy touring around the spacious grounds or visit the Chapel. Let our Bar & Grill Restaurant fill you up with satisfying meals and snacks. Chill out in our Spanish Tapas Bar every Fridays and Saturdays.

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